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On your next visit to The Ruddy Duck, purchase a growler from the bar and carry the Duck home with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to refill my growler?

A: When purchasing a growler for the first time you pay for the growler itself and the beer inside. For a refill, you only pay for the beer itself. Prices vary based on the price per pint of the beer. Prices vary from $14-$17.

Q: How do I use my growler?

A: Bring your growler to the Ruddy Duck and our bartender will fill it for you with the brew of your choice.

Q: What is a Growler?

A: A growler is a refillable container to bring home fresh handcrafted beer from the Ruddy Duck. A growler holds 4 pints, and has a vacuum seal cap that keeps the beer fresh so you can enjoy it at home, at a party, anywhere you'd like!

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